Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow,the Tree and other stuff

I want it to snow.... because my family has traditions when it snows.... we always go out side and my dad will pull us in our sled then when we are getting ready to go in side some one throws a snow boll then we get into a war and end up staying outside a little longer.... after we feel like our fingers are going to fall of we Head in side... we can choose to have ether Hot chocolate or, Hot apple cider...If you want to comment on this post you can say what you family does when it snows..I would love to here!!!!!!!. another thing i like to do in the Christmas season is to decorate the tree.. i think it is so much fun to get out the oddments when i was just a baby and, we always get a ginger bred house to decorate that may be just me butt i still love to do it...

My mom me and my sisters did this!!!

me and my two little sisters did this...well i just did the frosting my little sisters did the disining on this masterpiece!!!!!!

isn't it b-e-e-utiful!!!!


  1. i heart the house! i just wanna eat it all! u did an awesome job frosting big mac!

  2. oh thank you...i know righ well we did eat it... it was so good


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