Monday, December 20, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

I have some things to say about Christmas!!!!!! okay well first of all it is so easy to get off the real point of Christmas because everybody is thinking of what they just have to have and that's not the point even though it is nice to get gifts it is really nice to give gifts.... baybe it is just me but there is something about giving that just feels so right... so this Christmas i want to challenge everyone to give something to someone... but there is a catch you have to give from the heart... i know i will... something i like about Christmas is getting to stuff your self with stuff like Ham Turkey Mashed Potato's Corn and lets not for get the disserts like Pumpkin pie Cheese cake Yellow cake with chocolate frosting... just typing this is making me so hungary. i do not know what everybodys traditions are but my family's traditions are Christmas eve we open one present and we already know what we open it is new p.j.s then Christmas morning if my mom and dad are not up by 8:00 then we wake them.. the first thing we open our stockings then we go from the youngest to oldest and one by one we open the ones under the tree then we go to my Nana's house on Christmas morning and and we get to see some aunts,uncle and cousins. then after we eat lunch then we open the kids open there gifts then the kids go play and the adults open there gifts.. after that we sit around talk and be lazy for the rest of the day... and that is my Christmas!!!! And i hope you have a very merry Christmas from me to you...


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