Saturday, March 13, 2010

The first games

Today two of my younger sisters had their first games of the season. Mine along with my other little sister, was (sadly) cancelled. For which I am grateful, but at the same time irked. It was mind numbing cold out there. Big mac won her game, and so did Bean. Bean is only 5 but she looked so cute running around, while i was bundled in a blanket. And for some reason she had this attitude today. She kept giving us these looks and had her hands on her hips.
Big Mac's team won by scoring all the points. The opposing team had to borrow a player every quarter, and one of our players scored for the other team. And Big mac's team scored the other two points.


  1. awesome!!!tell bigmac she did an awesome job. did you have fun being cold? lol

  2. Awwww, I could just see Bean running around on a soccer gield! So cute!

  3. haha very funny.
    I am dead serious it was freezing out there.


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