Sunday, March 14, 2010

My wonderful Parents.

I am the happiest 12yo in the world!!!
Last night after church, me, my mom, and Big Mac went to Walmart to get supper.
Big Mac asked if my parents were going to go on a date when my mom said, that her and my dad were. But she said that they were going to shop for a dishwasher. Big Mac whipped her head around and said, "A d- what!?!?!?" she said in disbelief. Me and my mom started cracking up.
Because, since last year my family has been without a dishwasher. But today, my wonderful parents decided to get us one!!! I was so happy I did a jig of joy. Now when its my turn to do the dishes in 2months I won't have to hand wash them!!!!!
I am the happiest 12yo in the whole world!!!


  1. I thought you've always had a dish washer!!!! You didn't????

  2. no, we just had that one there because it was to smelly to take out.
    And oh my Gosh, Keaton just became a follower on my blog!
    I even prayed he wouldn't!

  3. why is keaton a follower who invited him

  4. Not me! Yeah for the Terrells! Score on the dishwasher!


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