Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Spider vs Baby Belle

So this morning me and my sisters were doing school (except the youngest) when we heard her start screaming. Me and my mom start for the stairs when Bean rushes UP the stairs. And of course we ask her what is wrong.
"Mom... mom! Theres a spider on my baby!" she sobbed. So we march down stairs with shoes in our hand and my mom (who is terribly afraid of spiders) goes over and smashes it to peices. Meanwhile I'm on the stairs holding Bean.
The End


  1. I hate spiders too. Yesterday I stepped on a blace widow and it popped when I stepped on it. UG! maybe she was with child. love memaw

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  3. Hahaha We do have a problem with spiders, don't we?

  4. I do not like spiders ether. yesterday a spider crawled up my leg,so I thought it was just an itch so I scrached it...bad idea i killed it but...there was blood involved!


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